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Reading and Quick Reads

29 May 2006

'It is easy to understand the mindset of those who feel uncomfortable with reading. All of us know the mystery of seeing others enjoy a pastime which exasperates us: music if we are unmusical, physical exercise if sedentary, sleeping late if early risers. But reading is generally looked on as a pleasure even by those who avoid it - a pleasure to some but not for them. Getting into it is too hard, it is too much like work. "My early and invincible love of reading," as Gibbon put it, "which I would not exchange for all the treasures of India," is incomprehensible to those who need a dictionary every few words. No one will need a dictionary for Quick Reads. While I was writing mine I couldn't help hoping that those who bought a copy would go on to my other books, in the process develop an invincible love of reading and perhaps become my fans.'

Ruth Rendell, writing about her Quick Read The Thief in the Sunday Telegraph

Quick Reads