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Comment from the book world in June 2022

June 2022

The digital vision

20 June 2022

'We've only been publishing for three years, having started just before the pandemic did. Bizarrely our business model suited the pandemic because firstly, everybody was already working from home, and secondly, we were in the digital space. So we were very well prepared for what, unbeknownst to us, was coming.

The digital vision we had formulated was vindicated and validated by the pandemic - but that doesn't mean it's not still relevant. As we grow, we're doing a bit more print, but we'll continue to adapt and survive. So far we've published about 300 titles, we've got 80 authors, and we're publishing another 150 titles this year.'

Amanda Ridout of Boldwood Books, a new publisher focusing on popular fiction and publishing worldwide in ebook form, after winning the UK's Fox Williams Independent Publisher of the Year Award, in Bookbrunch