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Plagiarism and passing-off

17 January 2011

Bestselling author J K Rowling is in the clear as regards a case brought against her by the estate of the late Adrian Jacobs in relation to his book Willy the Wizard, which she was accused of using as the basis of the Harry Potter books. The judge said: "The contrast between the total concept and feel of the work is so stark that any serious comparison of the two strains credulity  Read more

J K Rowling defends plagiarism charge

22 February 2010

The estate of Adrian Jacobs, author of Willy the Wizard, has now widened its claim against Bloomsbury for plagiarism in the Harry Potter books to include J K Rowling herself, previously thought to be protected by a statute of limitations.  Read more

Something borrowed, something blue

22 May 2006

The allegation of large-scale plagiarism has raised its ugly head in a too-good-to-be-true story of a young writer who appeared to be writing well rather too well for her age. To a hungry world looking for talented and good-looking young authors, Kaavya Viswanathan looked to like a publisher's dream.  Read more

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