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22 October 2012 - What's new

22 October 2012
  • 'New imprints are being set up to publish genre fiction in ebook form. One of these is the new women's fiction imprint set up by Oliver Rhodes, late of Harlequin UK. Bookouture – perhaps not the most memorable name - is to focus on creating global author brands and building them up through clever digital marketing. Bookouture will accept agented and unagented submissions...' News Review shows how romance rides high in ebooks.
  • Links to this week's top stories - Our new feature links to interesting blogs or articles posted online, which will help keep you up to date with what's going on in the book world:Frankfurt Book FairWorld's largest trade fair for books; held annually mid-October at Frankfurt Trade Fair, Germany; First three days exclusively for trade visitors; general public can attend last two. 2012: Self-publishing cell-phones and start-ups and Ian McEwan is lucky to be allowed to publish novellas.
  • Does your manuscript need Copy editing? Do you know the difference between copy editing and proof-reading? Divided by a common language? - are you wondering about the difference between American and British copy editing? Our new page on Getting your manuscript copy edited provides a useful overview and clarifies a new feature of our service, which enables you to get two versions of your copy edited manuscript, one showing the editor's changes in 'track changes' and one with the changes accepted.
  • 'Spies allow a novelist to heighten what all novels do anyway, which is control the flow of information. They allow limitless possibilities of tangled plot; they carry with them a hint of danger, which I think we rather love, from the perspective of our rather safe lives. Historically, we are safer than we've ever been. It's my theory that the reason we're getting such amazing thrillers from the social democracies of Scandinavia is because they've got such low crime rates... Ian McEwan, whose latest novel is Sweet Tooth, in The Times, quoted in our Comment column.
  • WritersServices editor Kay GaleWritersServices editor who has worked for many years as a freelance editor for number of publishers. offers her tips on Getting through the Slush-pile, drawing on her own experience as an editorial assistant reading her way through it.
  • 'For me, poetry is the music of being human. And also a time machine by which we can travel to who we are and to who we will become.' Carol Ann Duffy in our Writers' Quotes.