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Book Aid International

If you feel like some seasonal charity, spare a thought for Book Aid InternationalSupplies much-needed books to developing countries, raising funds from publishers and general public; 'Reverse Book Club' is masterly idea-for just £5 ($10) month you can provide 48 books to go to where they're most needed, a charity which sends 500,000 books a year to sub-Saharan Africa and beyond.  That means that this year 404,123 books have already gone to to more than 1,000 libraries in Sub-Saharan Africa and other countries where they are desperately needed.  Read more

Book Aid

WritersServices Christmas charity

We’ve decided again this year to adopt and promote our own Christmas charity on the website. It didn’t take long to decide that Book Aid International would for a second year be particularly appropriate, given that books are what writers are all about – and the very good work Book Aid is doing.  Read more

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