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22 July 2013 - What's new

22 July 2013
  • The revelation that Robert Galbraith was really J K Rowling and the huge subsequent demand for The Cuckoo's Calling have dominated the headlines this week. It's an ideal silly season story, complete with a villain in the shape of the lawyer who, for some extraordinary reason, confided the truth to his wife's best friend, who promptly tweeted it to Sunday Times journalist India Knight. News Review
  • This week's Writing Opportunity is the MslexiaStylish and lively site for quarterly UK literary magazine read by 12,000 'committed' women writers. Good range of quality writing, information and advice with news, reviews, competitions and interviews, all presented in a friendly fashion. Praised by Helen Dunmore as 'astute, invigorating and above all an excellent read.' Women's Novel Competition 2013, with a prize of £5,000, an entry fee of £25 and a closing date of 23 September.
  • Follow this link to find our links of the week.
  • Our My say column give writers a chance to air their views and share their experience. Get in touch if you'd like to write for the column.
  • 'When my first novel was published, people said: "Why are you still here?" (working in a London bookshop). How much money do they think authors earn? If you're lucky, you'll get enough to help you survive while you're writing your next book...' Evie Wyld, author of After the Fire, A Still Small Voice and All the Birds, Singing in the Independent on Sunday in our Comment column.
  • Our WritersServices Self-Publishing printer Lightning Source has just announced that it can now handle colour printing in the UK as well as the US. This exciting breakthrough means that we're now able to offer colour printing for a very good price, with all the benefits of print on demand - a huge advantage for any self-publisher who is thinking of producing a colour book, whether it's a children's book, a cookery book, a high-quality art book or any other book where colour is essential. Contact us to find out more.
  • This week we've sent out a press release and had some good coverage for the site, including this piece in Bookbrunch.
  • If you're looking for some help, our page on Choosing a service takes you through all the services and helps you find what you want.
  • 'It is a sad fact about our culture that a poet can earn much more money writing or talking about his art than he can by practicing it.' W H Auden in our Writers' Quotes.