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17 February 2014 - What's new

17 February 2014
  • Getting my novel published by Garth Garston: 'I had done all the textbook advice actions - buying and studying The Writers' and Artists' Yearbook, writing a submission cover letter and synopsis plus my first three chapters, and getting my manuscript seriously proof-read. I had had my first rejection after a friend had recommended my first novel to top UK literary agency Curtis BrownSee Curtis Brown listing...'
  • 'The shortlist for the first Folio Prize has caused quite a stir, highlighting various changes in the ecology of prizes. It set out to be different from the Man Booker and more literary, and seems to have achieved its intention. In doing this it has provided a challenge to the cosy hegemony of the Booker, no doubt influencing Booker's decision to make its own eligibility guidelines the same - novels written in English published in the UK but by authors from all over the world, including the US. Many would feel that this is a change too slow in the coming - and that in this time of increasing globalisation it's no good to have a continuing approach which only admits British and Commonwealth writers. News Review
  • Do you want to self-publish your work? WritersServices offers a suite of services which help writers get their work into shape before they self-publish. New to the site, our page of Services for Self-publishers.
  • A new entry to our endorsement page: ‘The site covers EVERYTHING a new writer, established writer, or a wannabe writer could possibly want or need to know.' Hester Mundis, author many books, including My Chimp Friday, Heart Songs For Animal Lovers and The Vitamin Bible.
  • If you are looking for copy editing online, it is difficult to ensure that you are getting a professional copy editor who will do a good job on your manuscript. Our page on Getting your manuscript copy edited may help.
  • Top Ten Tips for non-fiction writers is a helpful checklist for writers, compiled by a Creative Wriitng tutor.
  • Our links of the week: the rather astonishing Publishers Want to Bring Binge Consumption to Books - The Wire, the latest view of the giant online retailer - Amazon: Game Changer or Whipping Boy?, a challenging view of the children's book world - the Muchamore criticises 'negative' children's sector | The Bookseller and interesting research into audiobooks. Your Brain On Audio Books: Distracted, Forgetful, And Bored | Co.Design | business + design.
  • For the Scots among us, or those with Scottish connections, this week's Wriitng Opportunity is the Edwin Morgan Poetry Award 2014, closing on 3 March and worth £20,000.
  • 'An artist's sensitivity to criticism is, at least in part, an effort to keep unimpaired the zest, or confidence, or arrogance, which he needs to make creation possible; or an instinct to climb through his problems in his own way as he should, and must.' Christopher Fry in our Writers' Quotes.