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'Should I stop and do something else?'

7 November 2016

‘After Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Old School I took a pause and was thinking about the future. Should I continue? Or should I stop and do something else?

I'm only about halfway through (he can envisage at least 20 books in the series). If I can keep them fresh, I will definitely keep going. I'm committed to this series...

It would be hard to tell which country I was in based on (fans') reactions alone. The conclusion I've come to is that these books are about childhood and the DNA of our childhoods is pretty similar, there is maybe a 70% or 89% overlap between people of different cultures. Most of us have siblings, parents and homework.'

Jeff Kinney, highly successful author of the Wimpy Kid series, as his eleventh book comes out, in the Bookseller.