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The June Magazine has the final part of Suzy Jenvey's The Essential Guide to Writing for Children, which is about Submitting your Work to Agents and Editors and Richard Hall, author of Theatres of War, chooses in his My Say to ask the question: "Write about what you know" - does this adage always make sense?


Whats new: 28 July 2014 - What's new 28 July 2014
  • Our latest new article is The Business of Writing for Self-publishing Authors and we also have a focus on poetry this week in our News Review and links, as well as the Hot Key Books Young Writers Prize 2014, a superb opportunity for 18-25 writers from all over the world to  have a...
News Review: Does poetry matter? 28 July 2014

As two of this week's links demonstrate, poetry is contradictory in its audience and reach.

A huge audience is interested in poetry - more than one million people read poems at each year. But on the other hand poetry book sales, in the US as elsewhere, are meagre for all...

Imagine a place where you can browse through thousands of books, and buy any of them for £1 each; and drink tea and eat cake at the same time.

Whether poetry is useless or dead is a question that arrives as regularly as cicadas. Newsweek proclaimed verse a corpse it in 2003; in 2013, The Washington Post's Alexandra Petri called again for a coffin and a shovel. Still, every spring, ivory towers open their gates and a few thousand new...

In the Opinion Pages of the New York Times on July 20, 2014, seven poets were asked to respond to the question, "Does poetry matter?"

A new report claims that self-published authors have surged to 31% of ebook sales on, and are now earning more ebook royalties than writers published by the "Big five" traditional publishers.

The Booker opened up to the world - and to some, the publishing world looked a little narrower. With American authors eligible for the first time, the resulting lineup is unsurprisingly Anglo-American in flavour - chair of judges AC Grayling said publishers had been concentrating on pushing...

'I'm amazingly fortunate to have a chance to write a second book that people will be interested in reading because they liked the first. It would be awfully pessimistic if an author with enthusiastic potential readers sat around in anguish...

Whats new: 21 July 2014 - What's new 21 July 2014
  • Freya North on writer's block, Nicola Solomon berates publishers, Joanne PhillipsUK-based freelance writer and ghostwriter. She has had articles published in national writing...

In an extraordinary change of approach, Nicola Solomon, the Secretary of the UK Society of Authors, has attacked publishers, saying that ‘Traditional publishing is 'no longer fair or sustainable'.

Kenya's Okwiri Oduor won the 2014 Caine Prize for African Writing, often described as Africa's leading literary award, for her short story "My Father's Head" from Feast, Famine and Potluck (Short Story Day Africa), South Africa, 2013).

In recent months, America's publishing giants have been up in arms about the predatory practices of Their outrage would be less hypocritical if they weren't guilty of conduct that's just as bad.

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