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The March Magazine covers the shortlist of the Diagram Prize for the Oddest Book Title of the Year, open submissions for Granta Magazine and Tinder Press and some great links, Asking whether Amazon is friend or foe is a simple question that is complicated to answer - The Shatzkin Files The Shatzkin Files and Why Writers Need to Know the Publishing Business.


Whats new: 13 April 2015 - What's new 13 April 2015
  • Our Writing Opportunity is The London Magazine's Poetry Competition 2015. Closing on 31 May, it's for poets across the world and there's an entry fee. First Prize: £...
News Review: ‘Another busy, buzzy Bologna’ 13 April 2015

This year's Bologna Book Fair reflected the strength of children's publishing worldwide. Although relatively new fairs such as the China Shanghai International Children's Book Fair are making ambitious strides in terms of attracting children's publishers, Bologna is unsurpassed in its appeal as...

Do print versions still have an advantage over electronic formats? Ebook sales may be reaching a plateau but Dan Cohen argues there may be much more dark reading going on than the stats are showing.

George R R Martin has waded into the "nasty, nasty fight" surrounding this year's Hugo awards, laying out why he believes that a group of rightwing science fiction writers have "broken" the prestigious prize beyond repair.

I was reading a novel today on a Kindle Paperwhite-or "dogfooding" as some would like this habit to be called. Despite the engaging content, I kept getting jarred out of the ebook by its low production quality. The formatting wasn't even so horrible, but small mistakes kept punching me out of my...

It was only a year ago that the publishing industry sat riveted as it waited to see how the storm between Amazon and publisher Hachette was going to play out. Hachette wanted new terms in light of the DOJ price fixing investigation, and Amazon wasn't about to budge.

A stamp issued this week commemorating the American writer Maya Angelou attributes a famous quote to her that she didn't actually say. But she's not the first person to have words put in their mouth

Publishers need to communicate better with authors, pay them more and utilise writers' skills to market books, but most writers would still choose to be published traditionally, a survey has found.

Commentary: 'Just write it.' 13 April 2015

'I was brought up with this idea that I had this crazy relative that founded her own religion. she attracted quite a substantial following at the time, and this informs the book. That idea of cults, and how they can exert their power...

Whats new: 6 April 2015 - What's new 6 April 2015
  • Two big authors, one American and one British, have moved UK publishers in the last week. Danielle Steel has a new ten-book contract with Pan MacmillanOne of largest fiction and non-fiction...
News Review: Big authors change publishers 6 April 2015

Two big authors, one American and one British, have changed UK publishers in the last week. Danielle Steel has a new ten-book contract with Pan MacmillanOne of largest fiction and non-fiction...

Chocolat author Joanne Harris is claiming a "small victory for the world of dirt" after an app that blanked out the profanities in books, replacing them with so-called clean alternatives, removed all titles from its online catalogue following a week of angry protests from writers.

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