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Story: Substance, Structure, Style and the Principles of Screenwriting

  • Robert McKee
  • Methuen
  • In this huge and ambitious book, the distinguished author approaches screenwriting from a set of principles, but then gives a detailed analysis of how story works. Our reviewer commented on his approach: 'As McKee puts it, the art of story is the dominant cultural force in the world, and film is its dominant medium.'

Successful Script Writing

  • Jurgen Wolff and Kerry Cox
  • Writer’s Digest
  • A practical American approach, which starts with the fundamental skills required to write a feature film script, but broadens out to include other movies, sitcoms, soaps, serials and variety shows.

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The Complete Book of Scriptwriting

  • Michael J Straczynski
  • Titan
  • Accessible and helpful practical guide to writing and selling screenplays, plays, TV scripts and radio plays. This sets itself up as the definitive guide and justifies its claim through helping not only with the structuring of your scripts and mastering the insider terminology, but also with the inside guff on how to get your work into the right hands.

Writing for Television

  • William Smethurst
  • How to Books £9.99
  • Professional tips and techniques, including how to sell your work and how much you can earn. Writers’ Monthly’s reviewer commented: ‘I can state categorically that Mr Smethurst’s advice does work’.

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