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a series of specially commissioned information-packed Factsheets

Writers' research | Factsheets

Writers' research

WritersServices Factsheet 4 by Michael Legat

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Research is an indispensable part of writing for most authors, and for many it is so enjoyable as to be a danger – don’t get so absorbed in research that you forget to write your story, or feature or book.  Read more

Spelling etc. | Factsheets

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

WritersServices Factsheet 6 by Michael Legat

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Spelling, punctuation and grammar are just as much tools of the writer’s trade as are paper and a pen or typewriter or pc.  Read more

Submissions | Factsheets


WritersServices Factsheet 5 by Michael Legat  Read more

Plotting the Novel | Factsheets

Plotting the Novel

WritersServices Factsheet 6 by Michael Legat  Read more

Children's books | Factsheets

WritersServices Factsheet no 12 by Michael Legat

Writing children's books

Many writers hoping to be published turn to children’s books as an easy option, but find that it is in fact one of the most difficult genres.  Read more

Write About What You Know

WritersServices Factsheet  2 by Michael Legat   Read more

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