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Writing crime fiction

So you want to be a crime writer?

This is probably a good choice. Crime writing has long been popular with readers across the English-speaking world but it had a real resurgence a few years ago. Although publishers have reined back from the subsequent tendency towards over- production, there is still a solid market for good crime writing.  Read more

Writing science fiction and fantasy

So you want to write fantasy or science fiction?

You are in good company, as many of the writers who come to WritersServices are writing fantasy, with science fiction as a less popular choice.  Read more

Writing Non-fiction

So you want to write non-fiction?

The market and competition

You’ve chosen a huge area which can be broken down into a large number of different sub-categories, so the first thing to say is that it’s important to think hard about exactly which readership you’re going to aim your book at. Once you’ve worked that out, research into what is available and what the competition might be is a must.  Read more

Writing romance

So you want to be a romance writer?

You’ve made an interesting choice because, although a lot of people scoff at romance, it is the most stable genre of all and has continued to keep its faithful readers when other categories have changed radically and sometimes lost their audiences.  Read more

Writing historical fiction

So you want to write historical fiction?

Well, your timing is good, because historical fiction is fashionable again after many years in the doldrums. In fact it's so popular that it has virtually reinvented itself as a category.  Read more

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