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Can you become a 'hybrid' author?

21 March 2016

One of our links this week points the way to a final article from Digital Book World about hybrid authors, those who manage to combine the benefits of self-publishing in terms of control with the advantages of being published by a traditional publisher.

Not every author wants to market their own book and many are not comfortable or confident about their ability to do so. Some writers feel that they would rather concentrate on their writing and not get involved in what can be a major distraction from that.

For some of these authors the idea of being a ‘hybrid author', taking the best of both worlds, is appealing. The drawback is that you need a certain level of success to be attractive to traditional publishers as a self-publisher and you only tend to achieve this if you are a competent marketeer of your own books in the first place.

So in practice this rather interesting approach is likely to be limited in its availability and therefore not relevant to most writers.