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Felicity Bryan

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Founded in 1988 by Felicity Bryan. Represents a wide variety of distinguished authors writing adult non-fiction, fiction and children's literature.

  • Fiction and general non-fiction with emphasis on history, biography, science and current affairs.
  • Fiction for children aged 8-14, and adult fiction and general non-fiction.
  • No scripts for TV, radio or theatre, no crafts, how-to, science fiction, light romance or poetry. No email submissions.

Please write enclosing a synopsis and the first three or four chapters on loose A4 paper, one side only, with double or 1.5 line spacing. In the covering letter, specify about any previously published work and relevant details about yourself. Include a CV if your work is non fiction. Please include your email address and sufficient return postage if you would like your manuscript returned, otherwise a stamped addressed envelope for our response.

Translation rights handled by Andrew Nurnberg Associates; works in conjunction with US agents.

Children's authors include Jenny Downham, Sally Gardner, Julie Hearn, Liz Kessler, Katherine Langrish, Graham Marks, Meg Rosoff, Lauren St John, Matthew Skelton, Eleanor Updale, Jeanne Willis.

Founded 1988