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Estimate for Self-publishing

What is it going to cost?

To work out the cost please have a look at the charts and graphs first. Use the form if you want us to check your costings or advise on any special requirement.

If you are close to ordering, or want to confirm some detail of the cost, please use the form below.

Don't forget to add any preface, postscript or appendices

If you need another format, please give details below

Insert number and describe them below

Some general questions

e.g. Is the book for children or the visually impaired?
or designed to match an existing format e.g. a textbook?

Please do not send any material or pay until we contact you.

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To obtain a rough page count..... Or take a guess.....
Use files size to estimate word count
  • For a normal paperback you get 350 words on a page
Convert word to page count
  • Using font size 10, this is over 2 book pages per A4 sheet.
Publishing cost estimator
  • Allow space for illustrations and the other information
We will prepare the estimate based on the information you provide. (This does not mean that you will need to have this typeface or type size in your book and is simply to enable us to provide an estimate!)
How long will it all take?

You are under no obligation to proceed.

We reserve the right to amend the estimate if the material you send does not match the data provided by you for your estimate. Estimates are a perishable commodity, so do not expect them to be the same in 12 months.