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42A Great Percy Street London
London, WC1X 9QR
United Kingdom


  • Madeleine Milburn

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Who you represent

We represent Holly Bourne, Jenna Burtenshaw, Anne Cameron, Nuala Casey, C.J. Daugherty, Carrie Duffy, Carolyn Jess-Cooke, L.A. Jones, Victoria Fox, Emma Garcia, S.B. Hayes, Dave Lowe, Martel Maxwell, Lynda Page, J.J Salem, Cally Taylor, Anna-Lou Weatherley

The agency was founded in March 2012

AA member.
020 3602 6425
020 3602 6425

Fiction | General | Non-Fiction
Magazine House, Egerton Mill
25 Egerton Street
Chester, CH1 3ND
United Kingdom

Submit on

You will need to submit three items as follows;

•    A synopsis of your story in less than 1,000 words. Please include an outline of the plot, any twists and full disclosure of

•    Your cv/experience/writing career to date. It is not necessary to have experience to become a published author, but this information will help inform your writing style, etc.

•    The first three chapters or 5,000 words of your novel (whichever is shorter)

We represent all genres. We are different to most other literary agencies for three main reasons;
•    Your work is guaranteed to be taken seriously and will always be read.
•    You will receive an acknowledgment of submission together with a full reply within six weeks.
•    There will be two clear outcomes from your submission: either we will ask you to submit a full manuscript for consideration by a publisher or alternatively you will receive a critique of your work written by an experienced publishing editor.

The agency was founded in 2016.