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Agents Specialising in No Children's Fantasy

PO Box 41709

Los Angeles, California 90041
United States


  • Barbara Markowitz
  • Judith Rosenthal

Children's fiction, middle grade, young adult (11-15 year-olds), historical fiction (home 15%, overseas 15%).

Seeking contemporary and historical fiction 35,000-50,000 words for 8-11 and 11-15 year-olds. No fables, fantasy or fairytales; no illustrated books; no sci-fi.

Barbara Markowitz Literary Agency website

708 Third Avenue
23rd Floor
New York, NY 10017
United States


  • Joy Ritchey, General Assistant

Founded 1974.

Handles literary and commercial fiction. No scripts, children's fantasy or sci-fi. Submissions by mail only. No reading fee.

The Aaron M. Priest Literary Agency website
001 212 818 0344
001 212 373 0417