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'All writing comes from tension.'

30 August 2014

‘A writer is over when they think they're perfect. Sometimes you just have to rewrite a book: the new Sherlock Holmes novel wasn't working, so 42,000 words in I'm back to the beginning...

All writing comes from tension. If you have a nervous energy, a sort of discontentment and unanswered questions, you want to rub and scratch and examine yourself. I tend to get stressed about everything - that is how I am. But if it all comes out on the page, well, at least it's got a home.'

My success, and that of at least half-a-dozen other children's writers, rests entirely on J K Rowling. We just happened to be around at the right time.'

Anthony Horowitz, author of over 40 books, including the Alex Rider series and Russian Roulette, in the Guardian.