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One's perception of the public mood

25 June 2012

 ‘While no author's chosen subject matter should be dictated by a ruthless appraisal of what might sell books, it's always nice when a topic springs to mind that, on closer consideration, chimes with one's perception of the public mood. Payback Time focuses on a group of friends taking revenge on a bank they blame for their friend's suicide. I'm hoping that such a concept may be appreciated by a populace that is increasingly enraged by the unrepentant banksters who threw this world into recession. Surely taking revenge on the institutions that just lost you your home or your job could prove a popular concept?
 Well, who knows? The public are a fickle lot, and if it was that easy to predict their sentiments then we'd all be bringing in royalty cheques that would make Stephen King blanch. All I know is that if the anti-banker fantasy central to Payback Time doesn't cut the mustard, then it might be time to dust off that old manuscript from five years back - the one about investment banks... in a post-apocalyptic world... run by vampires!’
 Geraint Anderson, author of Payback Time, published 21 June, in Bookbrunch