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William Amos talking about Stephen King’s experiments with e-publishing

14 May 2001

William Amos, author of Seed of Joy, in his Night Thoughts column,, talking about Stephen King’s experiments with e-publishing

'Stephen King is not the future of e-publishing. The future of e-publishing is being written by authors like you and me - ordinary people who write works that lie outside the fad-fodder of traditional print houses. Let's be as brave as pioneers are supposed to be, and act like the leaders we are.'

Michael Powell, the owner of the US new and used book store Powell's in Portland, Oregon, described by one of its fans as 'probably the world's greatest bookstore' a place of staggering ambition, hidden in the very humble wrapper of a worn-out warehouse':

'The Internet is also teaching us to reconsider the value of any given book. It used to be that an obscure text of some kind or another might sit on our shelves for years - Selling locally, even with the tourist business we get and the people who make special trips from farther away, some books just didn't find their audience. But we're discovering that there is a demand for these books. And it's gratifying to be able to put those books into people's hands, books they didn't know existed or books they thought they've never been able to find.'