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Small Publishers

Northern Fiction Alliance grows sales

7 August 2017

Reports of sparkling growth from the UK's Northern Fiction Alliance show the strength provided by working together, the importance to small publishers of international rights and book sales, and how public subsidy can make a difference.  Read more

Surprising Booker shortlist favours unknown writers

17 September 2012

The Booker shortlist is unusually interesting this year because of the presence of books by comparative newcomers, including two authors who have struggled to find a publisher at all and are now published by small presses.  Read more

Indies in the ascendant

21 January 2008

The New Year has brought some welcome news on independent publishing and bookselling, both of which are especially important to writers.  Read more

Small is 'almost always more passionate'

11 April 2005

The role of small publishers in the publishing mix seems on the face of it to be declining as they are edged out by the big boys (see News Review 4 April). In fact as corporate publishers become more risk-averse, this is where we can look for innovation and new ideas.  Read more

'I'm still doing the same thing.'

23 August 2004

The extraordinary success of Lynne Truss's Eats, Shoots and Leaves has shown yet again how one hugely successful book can transform the performance of a small publisher. There are now more than 1.1m copies of the book in print in the UK and it has also been a surprise international bestseller, in spite (or perhaps because of) its very English appeal.  Read more

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