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A New Job Requirement for Authors

Who knew that one needed to be so thoroughly tech-savvy to be an author?

by Sherri Rifkin, author of LoveHampton

I’m not just talking about knowing how to create chapter headers in Word (I don’t but I fake it well enough) or being able to change your printer cartridge.  Read more

Tips for writers 5

Promoting your writing (and yourself)

The fifth set of our new pages of tips for writers  Read more

How To Market

How To Market Your Writing Services Online

by Joanne Phillips

Recently someone commented to me that I seem to be doing a pretty good job of promoting my writing services on the internet. I was touched by the observation – we writers get so many rejections that a little praise is especially gratifying. And I began to wonder – what does it take to market yourself successfully as a jobbing writer today?  Read more

Outlets for writing

Some outlets for writers – industry terminology

Traditional printed books - the main sectors

  • General books – fiction and non-fiction titles, called 'trade' in the business. 
  • Children's – child readers represent a a sizeable market.
  • Academic – turn your research into a book.
  • Educational – low
  Read more
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