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Ins & Outs of Indexing

The Ins and Outs of Indexing

We all know that computers can do everything far better than mere humans, right? Those who argue the point are usually labelled as luddites or technophobes. In this computer age we are (understandably) turning more and more tasks over to computers, leaving us free to spend our time on more worthy pursuits, such as... reading books, for example?  Read more

Making an index using Word

Word processors provide facilities to create one or more basic indexes. These are designed primarily to create indexes for theses or business documents but with care can produce a workable index for a book.  Read more

End pages

These additions support rather than extend the main text  Read more


  • For works of non-fiction there might be a case for letting the reader know what happened to the characters after the book was finished.



Indexing service

A professional index is essential for any work of non-fiction. Readers expect to find a useful, well-presented index at the back of a book, and can get very frustrated if the index doesn’t quickly lead them to the information they seek. A professional index can increase a book’s chances of being taken on by a mainstream publisher.  Read more

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