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Freedom of Speech

Has Rushdie's knighthood sparked off a new terrorist campaign?

2 July 2007

In the UK it's been a week when major news stories crowded each other off the front pages. Pictures of appalling floods jostled with the coverage of the new prime minister and the fresh faces in his cabinet for space in the media, only to be replaced this weekend by grim news of terrorist attacks.   Read more

'Covered in blood' - O J Simpson's 'confession'

27 November 2006

The extraordinary saga of O J Simpson's confessional book If I Did It, Here's How It Happened has reverberated around the media world, showing that, even in these ruthlessly commercial times, there are things that people will not stomach.  Read more

Freedom of speech on trial

9 January 2006

The trial of the distinguished Turkish writer Orhan Pamuk has raised fundamental issues relating to writers' freedom of speech in a frightening instance of nationalism run riot and embodied in law. What Pamuk, internationally the best-known Turkish writer of his generation, has dared to do is to challenge the state through referring to a dark episode in Turkish history, which the governm  Read more

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