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NEWS FROM WritersServices 20 March 2004

Are the days of the typewriter numbered?

20 March 2004

A survey of reading habits

Reading is the paradigm of mobile entertainment. The home, in transit and in work-breaks are all seized as opportunities to turn a few pages. Alarmingly, a dozen respondents read in their cars. One must hope they were passengers.  Read more

NEWS FROM WritersServices 20 August 2004

20 August 2004

With schools and colleges around the world heading back, WritersServices has provided over 80 papers in their Education resource Centre to help those running.  The pages can be used freely by any student or course tutor.  Read more

NEWS FROM WritersServices 20 February 2004

Are the days of the typewriter numbered?

20 February 2004

The image of a writer bashing away at a clunky typewriter is dead. Only two people admitted to employing a typewriter in the January survey of writing habits conducted by WritersServices. The desktop computer and laptop have taken over as the preferred way for writers to set down their words  Read more

Education Resources

Education Resource Centre

WritersServices Education Resource Centre has been produced to help those providing writing courses. There are nearly 80 pages formatted ready for use as handouts or in course material.

The simple format is designed to make it easy for you to print on A4 sized paper.

  Read more
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