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Preparing ebook files

Getting your source files in good order for ebooks

Your existing files probably have visible and invisible data that will cause trouble when you present them for conversion to an eformat. The key to a successful ebook conversion is getting a good ‘clean' input file, regardless of the file format or software you are going to use.

Formats for presenting files to the conversion software  Read more

Supply of ebooks

How do you supply and sell or publish your ebook?

The big names are Amazon, Google, Ingrams. Amazon will even convert your files.  Read more

  • There are pros and cons of working with the big suppliers.

Ebook conversion

Converting source files to ebooks – the basics

First, check the advice about preparing your source document

How to convert files to ebooks


Choosing the conversion software  Read more

Ebook publishing - WritersServices Self-publishing

An introduction to ebook publishing

What are ebooks?

At first glance they are very similar to printed books, except that the content appears on a screen. However:  Read more

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