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Crime writers

Death of a crime writer

27 March 2017

The recent death of Colin Dexter has produced plaudits from fellow-authors and editors alike. In the UK he was one of our best-loved crime writers inspiring a uniquely affectionate response amongst readers and the publishing world alike.

Quoted in Bookbrunch, fellow crime writer Peter James praised him highly:  Read more

'G' is for girl

29 February 2016

The latest fashion in women's writing is explored in this article we provide a link to this week. The authors think that the rash of bestselling books with ‘Girl' in the title are appealing to a female crime fiction audience and they're probably right, but these books are also the heirs to a longer tradition.  Read more

The late lamented Elmore Leonard

26 August 2013

Elmore Leonard, who died this week at the age of 87, was for most of his writing life ignored by the critics. Starting as a writer of westerns, even then belittled by the literary establishment and now little published, he graduated to the tough crime novels which made his name.  Read more

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