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Monthly archive - May 2018

28 May 2018 - What's new

May 2018
  • 'My greatest fear is of suddenly feeling that to devote so much of my life to writing is meaningless. It's a sensation that I've felt very often, and I'm afraid that I will again. I need a lot of determination, a stubborn, passionate adherence to the page, not to feel the urgency of other things to do, a more active way of spending my life. So yes, I'm fragile.
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Richard and Judy's Search For A Bestseller 2018


Closing date: 
14 June 2018
Writers resident in the UK or the Republic of Ireland No entry fee
£30,000 publishing deal with Bonnier Zaffre and representation from literary agency Furniss Lawton

The Richard and Judy Book Club - the biggest book club in Britain - is widely relied upon by readers to provide an abundance of writing talent a chance to shine, from debut novelists to highly acclaimed authors.  Read more