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NEWS FROM WritersServices 20 February 2004

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Are the days of the typewriter numbered?

20 February 2004

The image of a writer bashing away at a clunky typewriter is dead. Only two people admitted to employing a typewriter in the January survey of writing habits conducted by WritersServices. The desktop computer and laptop have taken over as the preferred way for writers to set down their words

Technology has not displaced all of the traditional writing implements. Pens and pencils are still the most popular way to prepare the first draft. The fountain pen is holding its own against biros and pencils as the favourite writing tool.

Writers have to be organised. Only 19% of respondents confess to intermittent working. Most made writing a routine and there was a substantial minority for who it is a recreation that occupies weekends and holidays.

Silence is the preferred environment for half of the respondents. However, a quarter like to have some music in the background.

"It is fun to find out how much writers have in comment" said Chas Jones the WritersServices site manager. "It was particularly interesting to discover that the answers do not seem to depend on the age or location of the the writer. Sixty year olds are as likely to use a laptop as someone half their age according to our survey."